Friday, May 1, 2009


One unnamed husband on the street decided that the real fun was hunting for the eggs, not the treats inside.  He hid ALL the eggs.....EMPTY!  Needless to say, kids really aren't as interested in the hunt as they are in the goods inside. Take note husbands!

Lincoln was all about Easter this year!

Jack, Bryson and Bronson joined us!  

Ryan Moon and Lincoln

Kid heaven!

Boys will be boys!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

For those of you have noticed that I am a sporadic blogger, I am hoping to turn over a new leaf.  Although no one else really cares that is has been 3 months since my last blog entry, I would like to use this as an opportunity to journal our "perfect" life!  OKAY!  Let's just get that out in the life is as I would like to say, "perfectly, imperfect!"   As a recovering perfectionist, I have in my old age learned to relish in the fact that imperfection is okay.  Not only is it okay, but it is how we learn to appreciate those perfect moments when they do come.  Life isn't perfect, just full of perfect moments! 


The answer is NO!  In fact, just say NO when your husband and children beg you for any pet.  We've had all types.....hamsters, frogs, dogs and cats!  In a moment of weakness I have said YES and little did I know it is ALMOST like having another child.  If you look closely at Calli's leg (she is a Calico, hence the name Calli) you will see a bright pink cast on her leg.  YES, she broke her leg and YES it cost more money than fixing my own child's leg.   How adorable!  Have you ever seen such a little cast?  Well, just remember the next time you get offered a "free" pet of any kind that nothing is ever "free!"  However, I do have to admit, I have grown to love our new  furry little friends!  (YES, we have two.  Talan did not want Calli to be lonely so we also adopted her brother, SERIOUSLY!)  For those of you out there that have said NO to a pet and would like to have visitation rights to ours,  come over any time.  It's like being a grandparent...let them play with ours and then give them back when they're are all done!  

Girl's Trip

A little reunion with some amazing friends from high school - there are 8 of us who have been getting together every year since graduation (1991)!   It is always a blast to see each and catch up.  What a blessing good friends are!

If you've got it you've got it!

Jodi hosted our weekend get-away at her cabin!  BEAUTIFUL

Me, Heather and Jodi

We look a little too relaxed and happy, don't we?!  (Jodi & Tracey)

IT'S TIME TO GO HOME TO REALITY!  It was an amazing 3 days.  Nicole Rudd was also there but left before we could get a picture, she was smarter than the rest of us!  You would have thought we were camping by looking at the pictures!   All we did all weekend was eat, sleep and talk....all my favorite things!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weeds or Flowers?

There once was a house that sat neglected and alone. It had not always been that way. In times past it had been a beautiful home full of laughter and joy. It was adorned with flowers and green grass. It held the hopes and dreams of the families that filled its walls. As time went on things changed. Gone were the flowers and green grass and left in their place were weeds and various shades of brown. In fact, the only green in the yard now could be found in the pool. Instead of laughter and joy, the house was filled with emptiness and silence. The hopes and dreams too had faded. The time would soon come for this house to become a home again. Many families visited this house but instead of seeing its hidden beauty they saw what was missing. Time continued to pass and the house sat empty. One special day a very fortunate family came to visit this house. Instead of seeing what is wasn't, they saw what it could be. That's when it all began.....slowly the life and beauty began to return to this house. After many hours and lots of love this house evolved into what it was originally designed to be - BEAUTIFUL! Aren't we all a little like this home? At times we are neglected or even difficult to love. We all have both weeds and flowers inside of us waiting to grow. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could see our hidden beauty? For the Lord created us all which makes each of us beautiful. Sometimes we even have a hard time seeing the gifts we have within ourselves. Just as there are mansions and palaces to admire, we often look at others admiring their gifts wishing they could be our own....but what could be more beautiful and amazing than what the Lord has designed for us? He wants each us to find our own gifts and see the beauty we have each been given. It is up to us what we find - the weeds or the flowers. True joy and happiness comes in to our lives when we choose to water the flowers both in ourselves and those around us.


Can you see the demo dust in the pictures? What a mess!

We took out the tramp!


Our "front yard" or as Talan calls it....NIELSON PARK!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


My dads favorite place


When I was a little girl I thought all daddies were the same,
I thought they all were kind and loving and spoke in gentle ways.

Didn't all daddies give you bear hugs and sit you on their laps,
and have you rub their whiskers or wear boots and cowboy hats?

I thought all daddies loved horses and going on long trail rides,
especially with their family and loved ones riding by their side.

Didn't all daddies teach you kindness and to think of others first,
and always to be honest, even when it hurt?

Well, I grew and grew and my daddy became my dad,
and I soon began to realize he was no ordinary man.

No, not all dads are their daughters heroes both for love and tenderness,
or a gentle giant like mine, who filled his life with love and service. 

Not all dads would take you skiing but never go themselves,
but wait patiently at the bottom as you came screaming down the hill.

Not all dads made you feel special and always have time to spare,
even one as busy as mine, working and serving everywhere.

Not all dads would start the first day of school with a video camera in hand,
asking those funny questions behind a silly grin.

Not all dads teach you by example, both with action and spoken word,
or blessed you with their wisdom and genuine concern.

He was loved for the dad he was but how grand he would be,
for the children who called him grandpa who he cherished tenderly.

The most special thing about my dad is the legacy he leaves,
which is following the Savior and being together as a family for all Eternity.


Daddy/daughter outing....he loved sleeping under the stars.

My dad marrying off his teenage daughter to her Knight in Shining Armor!

A very special day....I had just received my Patriarchal Blessing!

Graduation Day!  One whole year before the wedding day.... I matured
very quickly that year (or maybe not)! 

I will cherish the memories I have with my dad and the comfort that I will 
see him again someday!  I LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008